5 Fresh Summertime Desserts

by Patricia R. Davis

With summer in full swing and temperatures rising, staying cool with fresh desserts is always a good idea. While many of us are inclined to switch to lighter foods during this time of the year, there’s nothing wrong with having a little something sweet now and then as long as it isn’t packed with sugar or other unhealthy ingredients. These decadent treats can be prepared with Le Creuset’s vast selection of metal and stoneware bakeware, delivering superior results while baking.

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Let us get started with the top best fresh summertime desserts:

1. Mango and Passion Fruit Sorbet

The passion fruit’s sweetness perfectly balances the mangoes’ tartness in this refreshing summer sorbet. You can find fresh mangoes and passion fruit at your local farmers’ market or grocery store.

To make the sorbet with bakeware in metal and stoneware, combine the frozen mango cubes, passion fruit, coconut milk, and lime juice in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Then, pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and freeze. Serve in small bowls or glasses, and enjoy!

Try adding maple syrup if you want to get more creative with this recipe. Make these frozen treats at home so you know exactly what goes into them and experiment with different flavor combinations blended with cream cheese.

And when the sorbet is very hard after freezing, allow it to stay at room temperature to soften it before you serve. You can now enjoy your dessert.

Mango and Passion Fruit Sorbet

2. Chocolate Waffles

Start your morning with a chocolatey twist on a classic breakfast dish. These chocolate waffles are made with a chocolate cake blend, chocolate chips, chocolate wafer cookies, and tablespoons of butter. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, you should top them with chocolate chips or a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

We recommend trying this one after an evening stroll on the beach or a family game night around the campfire. In the summertime, nothing beats desserts like this chocolate waffles recipe. The waffles will melt in your mouth when properly prepared. Even better, the entire dish only takes about 30 — 45 minutes, so there’s no need to worry about cooking all day.

Once ready, serve your chocolate waffles to complement a pudding, parfait, custard, or ice cream dish. Allow budding cooks to look creative with syrups, nuts, coconuts, and fresh fruit to top off your chocolate waffles.

Chocolate Waffles

3. No-Churn Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

We know what you’re thinking — how can something that takes less than five minutes to make be any good? But we promise you, this coffee ice cream is worth the minimal effort as it causes a stampede in your kitchen. The best part? You don’t even need an ice cream maker! All you need are a few simple ingredients and a blender. The hardest part is waiting for it to freeze, and try pairing it with some Vietnamese coffee for the perfect summertime treat!

To top off your dessert, whip up some whipped cream by combining heavy whipping cream with confectioners’ sugar. And if your night calls for something even sweeter, add fresh strawberries or bananas. There are a lot of flavor combinations you could go with here, but this one tastes like childhood summers.

If you have any caffeine or dairy product issues, skip the Vietnamese coffee altogether and use water or almond milk. Also, store leftovers in the freezer overnight so they don’t melt before you get to enjoy them. And if the ice cream turns out hard after freezing, allow it to soften under room temperature before you can serve it.

No-Churn Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

4. S’mores With Double Chocolate Brownies

These summer desserts are sure to please a crowd, from classic ice cream to no-bake pies. They can all be made ahead so you can enjoy the party, too! And the best part? So fire up the grill, break out the pool floaties, and get ready for summer fun with these delicious desserts.

These grilled cheese sandwiches make s’mores even better than before. Plus, they’re easy to make ahead of time and serve at your next BBQ or picnic. These brownies should be baked with Le Creuset’s vast selection of metal and stoneware bakeware in advance. Once ready, store the brownies in dishes and cover them tightly after cooling them in plastic wrap.

Before adding them to your brownies, you can roast your marshmallows over an open fire. Once ready, you can enjoy your summer dessert.

S'mores With Double Chocolate Brownies

5. Strawberry Citrus Ice

As the temperatures rise, our cravings for refreshing desserts increase. What better way to cool down and enjoy the summer than delicious ice cream? Strawberry citrus ice from a list of 75 summer dessert recipes is the perfect balance of sweet and tart, and it’s sure to hit the spot on a hot day. Best of all, it’s easy to make at home with just a few simple ingredients.

Once ready, remove from freezer, unwrap from pan, then use two forks to scrape the dessert into flakes like traditional snow cones. Drizzle with melted chocolate chips if desired before serving. Make this dish a refreshing version by swapping the fruit juices for seltzer water. Try adding blueberries or mangoes instead of strawberries for an extra special treat.

Once you add sugar may not be as good as some other recipes, but this one is worth indulging in!

Strawberry Citrus Ice


The warm weather months are the perfect time to explore new dessert recipes. There are endless possibilities for summer sweets, from no-bake pies to fruit-filled tarts. The best part about summer is the wide variety of fresh fruits. From mangoes and pineapples to watermelons and strawberries, there are so many delicious options to choose from.

To help you make the most of summer, we’ve compiled a list of our top five favorite summer desserts. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start exploring all the deliciousness that summer offers with Le Creuset’s vast selection of metal and stoneware bakeware.

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