Benny’s Rod & Custom Pizza Cafe satisfies

by Patricia R. Davis

Why: Benny’s Rod & Custom Pizza Cafe opened in 2006. The eating place’s menu focuses especially on traditional sandwiches and burgers and an expansion of unique pizzas for the whole family to experience. I attempted: I settled at the Westerner sandwich with coleslaw, and my dining associate had the bacon cheeseburger with cottage cheese. We also ordered Donna’s Favorite pizza.

The Westerner starts offevolved with sourdough bread. Roast red meat, cheddar cheese, and tomato are introduced, grilled to a warm, toasty finish. I determined the sandwich tasty, and the beef turned lean and juicy. I liked that there has been no mayonnaise or different condiments on the sandwich. I did no longer want whatever other than the meat, cheese, and tomato. The accompanying coleslaw is made in-house and changed into served gently sweetened and crunchy-sparkling.

Benny’s Rod & Custom Pizza Cafe satisfies 3

My dining accomplice loved the bacon cheeseburger, which was topped with mayonnaise, lettuce, onion, and tomato. Donna’s Favorite pizza is a purple sauce pie generously topped with Canadian bacon, sausage, pineapple, pepperoni, and simply sufficient cheese to stick it all together. The crust, with its hearty, crackerlike presence, reminded me, particularly of Pizza Hut. The average flavor turned into simply what I anticipated from the elements.

Menu highlights beyond what I tried: Onion rings, zucchini sticks, clam strips, and warm wings are some of the starters. The classic selection of sandwiches consists of a BLT, French dip, patty softens, turkey softens, Philly, Reuben, and a fish sandwich. Other than a primary dinner salad, there may be a taco salad, a charbroiled chicken salad, a shrimp salad, and a chef’s salad. There are 19 specialty pizzas, but you can personalize your personal from 22 toppings. The gluten-free pizza crust is available.

I notion the Hi-Boy pizza, made with Canadian bacon, salami, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, onions, pineapple, green peppers, shrimp, pork, sausage, and tomatoes, sounded appropriate. Burgers consist of a mushroom burger, a Hawaiian burger, a BBQ burger, and the Benny’s Big Burger, stacked with a 6-ounce fresh-certified Angus pork patty, mayonnaise, cheddar, Swiss, ham, bacon, egg, lettuce, onion, and tomato. The black bean burger gives a meatless choice. For dessert, select a brownie with ice cream or a fried Twinkie with ice cream.

Atmosphere: The way the distance is configured looks like a stand-by myself eating place, although there are some shops to the south. The decor is all matters custom, from the perspective of a car enthusiast. The most important focal point is a boost, complete with a vehicle frame atop, underneath which booths are constructed. A big device chest sits on the access, and automobile photos, signs and symptoms, and other memorabilia tastefully create the storage-turned-restaurant vibe. Large, cozy booths offer all the seating. Other observations: The carrier was very friendly and attentive. The food becomes very appetizing, and the costs are honest. The environment was relaxed, well-kept, and easy.

Cost: Starters are $2—seventy-five to $8. Sandwiches are $6.25 to $10.25 and include a bowl of soup, fries, potato salad, coleslaw, or cottage cheese. You may additionally add onion earrings or toddlers for $1 greater. Soup of the day is $three.50 for a cup and $4.50 for a bowl. Salads price $three.Ninety-five to $10. Pizza is to be had in sizes from character to huge and prices from $6.15 to $25.35. Burgers are $8.25 to $13 and are served with the same options as sandwiches for $1 more.

Chicken strips are $8—ninety-five with fries and ranch. Alaskan codfish and chips are $11 for a 3-piece meal and $13.25 for a 5-piece meal. Kid’s meal alternatives are $4.50 to $five. Desserts are $1.25 to $four.75. Handmade milkshakes are $4.Ninety-five and a root beer float charge $4.Seventy-five. Beverages are $2.25 and $2.Ninety-five. The beer is on tap.

The floodgates of the outstanding pizza symposium have been opened. The Internet changed into the single largest catalyst to teach, tell, and open the controversy of making pizza and discovering excellent pizza. The earth had, without a doubt end up in an international village of pizza. Now diverse nations, regions, towns, and towns could exhibit their personal surprise of pizza.

Slowly before everything, websites had been created. Here and there, pizza becomes mentioned. Pizza-making secrets and techniques were shared. People have become privy to pizza in different areas. Pizza Forums and blogs picked up the banner. And nowadays, you may find hundreds and loads of pizza-associated websites, blogs, and discussion boards—all of these statistics portals proportion insights and understanding about pizza.

Finally, pizza enthusiasts throughout the globe had a commonplace voice. Pizza becomes given a commonplace arena of deliberation and exam. And we’re just getting commenced. More pizza blogs and websites are created daily. All with their very own particular pizza perspective, man or woman recommendations, pizza selections, and pans. The pizza debate maintains.

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