FAQs About The Looming Airline Catering Strike

by Patricia R. Davis

You might also have seen a variety of headlines this week, approximately a potential strike by way of union members from airline catering businesses. What is their beef? How might a striking impact you? Let’s discover the problems at stake.
Who is putting? The two biggest catering corporations, workers from Gate Gourmet and Sky Chefs, have authorized a strike over stagnant wages. No strike has been announced, but. Negotiations are ongoing. These people deliver meals for American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines (among others).

FAQs About The Looming Airline Catering Strike 3Are there some other events involved?

Unions are also trying to bring people from Chelsea Food Services, United’s internal catering employer. At some U.S. Hubs, United’s catering is in-house.

What is the primary issue of competition?

Most airline meals people earn less than $15/hour, and a few people make as little as $eight.Forty-six/hours. Unions argue this renders works unable to meet fundamental living charges like healthcare for their families. Unions are in search of an unspecified “living salary” for all workers.

How many employees does this impact?

A strike may want to send 7,seven-hundred Sky Chefs, 3,270 Gate Gourmet, and a couple of 600 Chelsea Food Services personnel to the wood traces.

What have to manifest before a strike occurs?

Unions might want permission from the National Mediation Board (NMB) earlier than launching a strike. The NBB is an offspring of the Railway Labor Act, which is meant to reduce interstate commerce disruptions by using transportation zone moves.

Is there a desire for a deal?

Both facets are constructive that a deal can be worked out in ongoing talks. Nevertheless, off-obligation employees plan to picket inside the weeks beforehand.

What happens if the unions determine to strike?

Should the unions determine to strike without permission shape the National Mediation Board (NMB), we should see a situation just like President Ronald Reagan’s firing of Air Traffic Controllers in 1981. Airlines are already lining up returned-up workers and stocking up on resources to limit passenger disruption from a capability strike.


It is too premature to count on a strike will appear, specifically as both facets preserve to good buy. Should a strike arise, the impact would likely be minimum, although you may discover better costs of miscatering than traditional.

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