John Legend Reveals Why He and Wife Chrissy Teigen Don’t Cook Together

by Patricia R. Davis

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen proportion greater than simply parenting obligations in their house! This week, the singer, 40, spread out to Hamptons Magazine about cooking together with his wife. However, although Teigen, 33, is a connoisseur within the kitchen, Legend stated the couple prefers to do their personal component to prepare meals. We don’t genuinely cook collectively,” he found out to the opening. “I cook dinner for her; she cooks for me.”

Legend, who appears on the magazine’s July cowl and recently launched a brand new sparkling Rosé from his wine label LVE, explained that he and Teigen usually proportion the obligations because of their special cooking styles. She’s a chunk more innovative within the kitchen. I like to observe recipes, and I’m very good at executing them,” he shared. “I’ll appearance them up online or literally in her book. I’m no longer clearly innovative within the kitchen. However, I love to prepare dinner.

John Legend Reveals Why He and Wife Chrissy Teigen Don’t Cook Together 3

Teigen released her first cookbook, Cravings: Recipes for All of the Food You Want to Eat, in 2016, which went directly to grow to be a New York Times bestseller. Two years later, her 2nd cookbook, Cravings: Hungry For More a.K.A. Cravings 2, hit bookshelves. Some of the recipes featured in the one’s books also take place to be Legend’s favorites, he explained. I love the French onion soup in her new ebook. It’s amazing,” he revealed to the hole. “She additionally does an absolutely proper braised short rib.” So what’s Teigen’s meal of choice while her husband takes the reigns inside the kitchen? I want to make macaroni and cheese. She loves my mac and cheese — the garlic is virtually critical,” Legend shared.

Ahead of her first cookbook launch, the mother of two discovered that some of Legend’s recipes could certainly make it into the chapters. She additionally cited how, despite her nice efforts, humans generally tend to select their husband’s meals over her personal. Something fun about the ebook is we’ll have his take, and then we’ll have my take,” Teigen instructed New York Magazine. “For instance, every person in his own family and all of our pals love his mac and cheese, but I assume they most effectively adore it due to the fact ‘John Legend is cooking it,’ like, ‘Oh my God! This is notable!’”

Teigen also cited on the time how she became checking out recipes “, three, four instances” every, but it wouldn’t count number in view that “everyone is still going to like his extra.” And though Legend’s cooking abilties appear to come obviously, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t from time to time ask his spouse for help. While talking to PEOPLE in April 2018, the “All of Me” singer admitted that his imperfections in the kitchen, including a way to chop onions effectively, have made him and Teigen develop nearer.

It’s fun. It’s a bonding aspect,” he stated of studying cooking guidelines from his spouse.

In addition to sharing cooking duties inside the kitchen, Legend and Teigen additionally break up obligations with regards to raising their youngsters, Luna, three, and Miles, 13 months. Luna thinks she will escape with matters with us or take matters to positive people,” Teigen informed PEOPLE in advance this yr. “You just need to be on the equal page all of the time because it’s not fair whilst there’s one horrific man or woman [or] an awful guy.

No one desires to be the awful guy, so it’s helpful while you’re all of the terrible guys,” she delivered. “It’s important to be at the equal page aside from disciplining their children; diaper responsibility is also a shared project inside the Legend-Teigen family. It’s just whoever is capable of doing it at that time,” Legend instructed PEOPLE in February. “It has in no way been an issue where it’s like, ‘You have to do it, or I should do it.

It’s like, ‘Okay, I even have him right now, and his diaper needs changing, I odor it, I’m going to exchange him.’ I’ve always been like that and in no way felt any hesitancy to do it.” I had in no way modified a diaper before Luna, but I learned fast,” Legend endured. “It’s not difficult — do it. I suppose having dogs has made it less complicated to cope with the entire poop of it all. Once you get used to poop, you’re not too squeamish about whatever.”

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