Melbourne’s Ultimate Guide to Outdoor BBQ Bliss

by Patricia R. Davis

Melbourne, a city renowned for its vibrant food scene, boasts some of the most scenic and well-equipped public BBQ spots – perfect for a sunny day out. Whether planning a family gathering, a catch-up with friends, or a tranquil day in nature, Melbourne’s parks and gardens offer a blend of lush greenery, city views, and first-rate facilities. This guide highlights the best places for BBQs in Melbourne, where you can enjoy a pleasant picnic amidst stunning natural landscapes.

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Royal Botanic Gardens

In the heart of the city, the Royal Botanic Gardens offer an idyllic setting for BBQ enthusiasts. With expansive lawns surrounded by thousands of plant species, this is a peaceful escape where nature and city life merge seamlessly. The gardens provide public BBQ facilities, making it easy for visitors to grill their favourite meals while soaking in the serene ambience.

Fitzroy Gardens

Not far from the bustling city centre, Fitzroy Gardens serves as a picturesque backdrop for your next BBQ outing. Known for its historic Cooks’ Cottage, fairy tree, and conservatory, the gardens have lush green spaces ideal for picnicking and BBQs. It’s a spot where history, art, and nature come together, offering a unique experience to visitors.

Yarra Bend Park

The largest area of natural bushland within the city, Yarra Bend Park, presents a perfect spot for BBQ lovers looking for a riverside setting. With ample BBQ facilities and picnic areas overlooking the Yarra River, it’s a haven for people wishing to escape the urban rush and indulge themselves in outdoor grilling.

Edinburgh Gardens

Located in the heart of North Fitzroy, Edinburgh Gardens is a popular choice for both locals and visitors. This vast park features wide open spaces, sports facilities, and BBQ areas, making it an excellent venue for social gatherings. Its vibrant atmosphere is complemented by beautiful tree-lined paths and playgrounds, ensuring a fun-filled day for everyone.

Princes Park

Known for its sports grounds and scenic walking tracks, Princes Park also houses several BBQ spots where you can enjoy a leisurely afternoon. The park’s tranquillity and greenery make it a favoured destination for picnickers looking to unwind and enjoy good food in the great outdoors.

Sherbrooke Forest

For people seeking an adventure in the Dandenong Ranges, Sherbrooke Forest offers secluded BBQ spots amidst towering mountain ashes and lush fern gullies. The forest’s natural beauty and serene environment provide a magical setting for a BBQ picnic, with the chance to spot native wildlife.

Studley Park Boathouse

Nestled in the picturesque setting of the Yarra River, the historic Studley Park Boathouse offers kayaking, boat rides, and public BBQ facilities. It’s a place where history, leisure, and nature intersect, providing a unique spot for BBQ adventures. The stunning river views and surrounding parklands add to the charm of this historic location, making it a must-visit for anyone wanting to enjoy Melbourne’s outdoor lifestyle.

Enjoy Melbourne’s Finest BBQ Destinations

Melbourne’s public BBQ spots offer great views and lush settings, providing an opportunity to engage in one of Australia’s favourite pastimes. Whether nestled in botanical gardens, along the river, or within dense forests, these locations promise a memorable culinary journey amidst nature. So, gather your family and friends, load up the esky, and explore the best BBQ spots Melbourne has to offer.

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