Pacific Room Alki debuts New American delicacies in West Seattle

by Patricia R. Davis

A new music venue and New American eating place has debuted inside the community. Called Pacific Room Alki, the sparkling addition is placed at 2808 Alki Ave. SW in West Seattle.

This new restaurant is situated on the edge of Alki Beach, just in time for the Seattle summertime. The menu includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, including gadgets like coconut prawns, Alaskan salmon, burgers, halibut, and chips. The drink menu boasts summer-stimulated cocktails like a Mai Tai, whiskey peach tea punch, and mezcal fizz with rose liqueur and hibiscus syrup.

Pacific Room Alki debuts New American delicacies in West Seattle 3

According to Westside Seattle, the venue can stay three nights per week.

The fresh arrival has gotten an enthusiastic response to this point, with a four-celebrity score out of nine opinions on Yelp.

Xue M., who became the first Yelpers to study the brand new spot on June 14, stated, “Great vicinity. Nice drink, first-class Food, first-rate service, first-rate view, and love the live song.”

And Caitlin R. Wrote, “Food becomes amazing! I had the halibut with risotto and asparagus…Perfectly cooked. ‘Beach bougie’ at its exceptional. I live around the corner and will be back.”

Head over to check it out: Pacific Room Alki is open from eleven a.m. to nine:30 p.m. On weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m…. On weekends.

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