Qatar- Learning true Italian cuisine in fashion

by Patricia R. Davis

(MENAFN – Gulf Times) It became an event performed to re-confirm the need to have healthy and nutritious food in our lives, and at the same time, an opportunity to highlight the particular traits and recognition of Italian cuisine. Cooking Class With Ambassador’ turned into a specific occasion with Pasquale Salzano, Ambassador of Italy to Qatar, where he exhibited his cooking abilties in Giorgio Schifferegger’s presence grasp chef visiting from Italy at Sawa Restaurant Marsa Malaz Kempinski.

Qatar- Learning true Italian cuisine in fashion 3
Kempinski at The Pearl-Qatar is web hosting the occasion to celebrate Italian countrywide day today. The cooking class that was attended by way of around 15 humans, obsessed with gaining knowledge of how to cook dinner Italian cuisine, turned into arranged to sell Italian meals to be served at the national day celebrations at the lodge. The meal fanatic coming from diverse backgrounds took keen hobby within the cooking class with the ambassador and Giorgio, Executive Chef at Kempinski in Venice.

As they prepared ‘Spaghetti Vongole,’ ‘San Clemente Tiramisu’ and ‘Mozzarella in Carrozza,’ each the chef and the ambassador explained the background, history, elements, and way of life of the Italian delicacies to the collection. The meal fanatics, who accompanied the cooking pointers with keenness, showed deep interest in each of Italy’s historical nature.

Talking to Community, Ambassador Pasquale expressed his happiness in cooking class, highlighting the Italian delicacies. He stated: ‘I am pleased nowadays to be here with an expert chef from Italy. The chef will oversee food instruction to be served on the Italian national day (today). We could have all Italian meals. In the cooking class, we’ve got all Italian delicacies displaying the humans how to cook dinner. We display that consuming Italian meals manner ingesting healthy Mediterranean cuisine made with the aid of straightforward ingredients.

He delivered: ‘The cooking class’s reason is to make humans aware of the significance of ingesting well and having healthy food. You know it is not a clean venture to locate the right way to consume. Sometimes, especially the young generations, business human beings are pushed to shop for terrible meals, which can be very awful for the kids. At the identical, it’s for an opportunity to promote Italian cuisine and culture in Qatar.

Since I am from Naples, one dish that we cook these days is precisely from my place. It has a straightforward recipe, but it’s miles very scrumptious. There is a love for Italian cuisine around the arena. Many humans had been asking for cooking lessons coaching them away to prepare dinner Italian cuisine. This is also one of the motives that we’re here nowadays.

Chef Giorgio has been related to Kempinski in Venice for over the years. He is ideal at making ready each conventional and modern-day Venetian meal. ‘Today, within the elegance, I will cook conventional avenue meals from Naples because our ambassador here hails from the vicinity. It is a little present for the ambassador. I may also present a recipe from my personal grandmother. Each plate or recipe has its very own tale in Italy.

The chef is happy and proud to introduce Italian recipes to Qatar’s human beings of various cultures. ‘I am proud, and it is a pride to explain how remarkable Italian cuisine may be. I suppose I am a small ambassador of Italian delicacies right here. I am positive that with the skilled group of Kempinski right here, we can offer correct Italian food for the guests attending our countrywide day celebrations.

Raghu Menon, Cluster General Manager, Kempinski, welcomed the visitors and the chef. He stated: ‘The principal cause at the back of web hosting this cooking lesson changed into to create an appreciation for Italian delicacies. We are going to host the Italian national day. I actually have a thrilling dialogue with the ambassador and decided to introduce the splendid Italian cuisine and educate some local lovers about some primary Italian cuisines. It is an appreciation of all things Italian delicacies and food.

We have 12 aspiring Italian cooks in magnificence. I am sure by using the give-up of this session; we will have a handful of Italian cooks. People are enthusiastic about Italian meals. It goes to be a laugh time. Thamer Ali al-Kuwari, an engineer by way of career, is a food and health enthusiast. He takes an interest in all sorts of cuisines. ‘I am usually interested in Italian delicacies. It is a widely recognized international. Here, we’ve got a traveling chef from Italy. I am, without a doubt, glad to have a class with him. It is an opportunity to analyze greater approximately the Italian cuisine within the proper manner.

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