Russian President of the College

by Patricia R. Davis

This festive event has come to be a traditional festival of Russian subculture, “Our background,” held using the Russian-American Foundation (Russian American Foundation) with the guide of one of the most broadly read American Newspapers, New York Post (New York Post). The rite befell the Brooklyn Borough Hall, a monument of American architecture built in 1848 to deal with the Brooklyn metropolis corridor. Now it’s miles in particular used for important social occasions. 20 Jun amassed here are representatives of the new York Russian-American community to participate inside the ceremony.

Russian President of the College 3

The winners this 12 months have been: President, ASA College Jose Valencia (Jose Valencia), NYPD Sergeant Dmitry Zabrovskiy, entrepreneurs Ildrim of Abraham and Oleg Movsumov, the restaurateur and businessman Marat Novikov. In a solemn rite all of the winners presented special diplomas from the President of Brooklyn Eric Adams. Among those invited have been leaders of the Russian network in New York town, marketers, public figures, veterans. The awardees had been congratulated via colleagues, loved ones and friends.

Jose Valencia (Jose Valencia) within the beyond – one of the leaders of the NYANA (New York Association for New Americans). In his reply, he informed me which route has surpassed seeing that he arrived inside the United States forty years ago. Mr. Valencia labored for decades in NYANA worried in the model of Russian-speaking immigrants of the 1/3 and fourth waves of refugees from the Soviet Union, supporting with accommodation, language guides, and employment. As the President of ASA College, Mr. Valencia and now enables rookies: approximately 20 percent of College students – Russian immigrants from the CIS countries.

Gratitude from the President of Brooklyn was given NYPD Sergeant Dmitry Zabrovskiy, Chairman of the Association of Russian-talking police officers in New York (Russian American Officers’ Association). Dmitry said that once he came to work within the police, colleagues greeted him cautiously. The Russian-talking community had been used inside the NYPD’s questionable recognition. Over time, the Russian police installed themselves from an excellent aspect. Now they admire the carrier, I assign the maximum complex duties.

They observed a speedy career increase. As a result, the Russian-speaking officers get accountable and maximum prestigious destination—Association of Russian-speaking police ambitions to destroy the bad stereotypes related to our community. Now in the “Russian-American officers ‘club” about sixty people from the NYPD and other regulation enforcement groups.

The President of Brooklyn’s gratitude and the honorary degree become presented to businessman and restaurateur Marat Novikov, a local of Minsk, founder of Densely International, are presenting merchandise new York Russian stores, the owner of the newly opened famous eating place “Belarusian Hut” on Sheepsheadbay. At the award ceremony, Marat got here with her grandson. They took images together. It turned into visible as a proud grandson grandfather, grandfather, and grandson, which it’s miles the business ever going to bypass by inheritance.

Diplomas had been marked as a contribution to the improvement and prosperity of the community Ildrim Abrahamov and Oleg Movsumova, entrepreneurs from Azerbaijan, hosts of the famous eating places of Turkish delicacies Village Cafe and Village Café — 2. Though dear restaurateurs were now not in such a lot of phrases on the ceremony, they were happy to feed all of the visitors of honor to their preferred food after the respectable element; visitors went all the way down to the rotunda, which by using that time turned into covered buffet tables.

Meanwhile, right here, on an improvised level, the students of the Dance Studio of Dance and Art, the School for Performing and Visual Arts, and the ensemble of Caucasian dance Tovushi made with the indicative software of repertoire — folk dances of the peoples of Russia and CIS international locations. The speech was observed by way of hearty applause!

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