The $1,000 GEESAA robot barista makes a mean cup of espresso

by Patricia R. Davis

There are espresso fans, after which there are espresso enthusiasts. The GEESAA robot barista is a product for the latter class of people – and it’s now not ashamed of it. Essentially, it desires to do for contemporary pour-over coffee what the Mr. Coffee machine did for bog-popular drip espresso. The gadget comes with a robot arm that purportedly can mimic the moves of a human barista. The GEESAA robotic barista is presently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where it’s raised nearly $forty,000 out of a modest intention of $25,000. At the back of the tool, the makers despatched TNW a pre-launch version to play with before gadgets make their manner to backers. So, what’s the deal?

Hands-on with the GEESAA robot barista

The GEESAA isn’t a small piece of package. It is double the width of my everyday espresso maker – which is some standard DeLonghi drip device. When positioned on my kitchen counter, it occupies a great amount of space. The device itself is extraordinarily appealing. On the tool’s pinnacle is a set of knobs, which permit the user to manipulate the device, activating espresso recipes. There’s also an LCD show, which indicates the temperature of the water, as well as what recipe has been activated. The water is stored in a sleek cylinder and transferred to the pour-over receptacle through a robot arm—this movement inside the technique you pick out. The brewed coffee then accumulates into a carafe that is blanketed in the package deal.

The $1,000 GEESAA robot barista makes a mean cup of espresso 3

As you’d expect from any little bit of clever home tools, the GEESAA robot barista connects over Wi-Fi to an included associate app. This is available on iOS and Android. I tested the Android version, which isn’t available through the Google Play app store at the time of writing. A GEESAA consultant sent it to me separately, and I facet-loaded it onto my personal telephone. As you’d expect from any pre-release tech, it wasn’t precisely a smooth revel in, and I tended to locate myself the usage of the tool’s manual controls. One surprise changed into that it requires you to check in with the producer, either manually or thru your Facebook account. It additionally calls for you to offer your cell quantity – even though, for a few causes, it didn’t work with my UK cellular number. Fortunately, way to a quirk of the app, I can keep away from this step.

Who is the GEESAA robotic barista for?

That’s the query. It’s glaringly a niche bit of package, geared toward a gap demographic of die-tough caffeine addicts. GEESAA is touting the device on Kickstarter for $699 (that’s the non-early chook pricing). When it eventually is going on sale through ordinary retail channels, it’ll fee $1,000. That’s damn high-priced, even though perhaps a touch perversely, no longer the maximum high-priced home espresso maker available on the market. Others retail for numerous extra factors, just like the Jura GIGA five Chrome, which prices £three,595.00 (over $four,500) at Harrods.

The issue is, I can believe a person buying it – if no longer for the fact that it’s pretty elegant, however additionally for the reality that pour-over espresso is in style right now. Fans of the approach say that it provides them greater management than they otherwise could get with a wellknown percolator. I like espresso. Hell, I rely on it. But I’m not sure I actually have the level of enthusiasm that might compel me to spend over a grand on an espresso maker. I’m not a snob. Just ask my colleague Bryan Clark, who became aghast when I requested him to convey me a tub of Folgers espresso while we were remaining met up in Amsterdam. (It’s the first-rate part of waking up, don’t you realize?)

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