The Behind-the-Scenes Magic of The Juice Bar

by Patricia R. Davis

People don’t just love The Juice Bar. They love something unique from The Juice Bar, the wholesome Dallas-based totally idea with NorthPark, Highland Park Village, and Inwood Village. The two most famous smoothies, Purple Haze (with almond milk, Greek yogurt, and blueberries) and Strawberry Fields (with juiced apple, strawberries, bananas), have almost gained a cult reputation.

That’s partly due to their temper-boosting, electricity-improving methods; however, the truth that the healthful drinks honestly taste proper genuinely doesn’t hurt. “I’m from South Louisiana, in which everything is set flavor,” says Heidi Lane, a chef and SMU grad who co-founded The Juice Bar with Tom Hennings in 2012. “Everyone wants to eat higher, but they won’t know the way to make wholesome things taste top. I recognize the way to lead them to taste appropriate.”

The Behind-the-Scenes Magic of The Juice Bar 3

I sat down with Lane to pay attention to the tale behind The Juice Bar and how their consistent, streamlined fashion helps them stick out from the countrywide juice bar opposition. We have many juice places in Dallas, just like any huge metropolis, but I do experience The Juice Bar is first-rate famous. Influencers like Krystal Schlegel, Meredith Land, and Jamie O’Banion constantly share their favorites from right here. It’s emerging as nearly a staple of the fitness network. How did you men get started?

Well, thanks! That makes us satisfied. It’s funny because my companion, Tom, whilst he expanded The Bar Method manner lower back while, he ended up not desiring all the square footage, and he definitely desired to have a juice bar. So, he got the gap located, and he had the name. Then he reached out to me to make a menu.

And you men met at SMU?

Yes, he knew me from university and that I was within the food international. I had a long past to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, after undergrad. I ended up growing a forte for making healthy matters flavor suitable. It turned into a laugh assignment. With my chef’s historical past and Tom’s operational background, it just made the experience. I care a lot approximately the flavor; I assure you I do at the least fifty tests earlier than I consider any recipe final.

Where do you do all of the testings?

At domestic. I like doing it whilst the kids are at school. It’s quiet, and I even have the room to spread out. Then I’ll permit my kids to check it, but I flavor-take a look at grownups, too.

What did you do after culinary school?

I ended up at The Rosie O’Donnell display. Any craft and cooking segments, I turned into the manufacturer that worked with the visitors. As an example, someone had the concept of bringing the food from the primary Harry Potter ebook to life. I turned into like, “Sure!” I needed to read the entire e-book for that one.

That feels like a lot of fun.

It actually became. I did the identical component at her mag. I was sad whilst it got here to a quit. Rosie’s so good at Rosie. She’s a superb actress, and she or he changed to the top at promoting her brand. It was so cool to look somebody understands precisely what labored for their logo.

Did that rub off on you?

Oh yeah.

Where become the first Juice Bar you guys open?

Inwood Village in 2012. Then Inwood at Forest Lane. Then NorthPark and the Highland Park Village one.

What did the menu look like?

I think we began with 5 “creative juices” and five smoothies. It was minimal. It’s humorous because Purple Haze and Strawberry Fields have been now not on that first menu and that they’re our maximum popular smoothies.

What turned into one of your goals for The Juice Bar?

Every summer, I turned into faculty, I labored in different restaurants. After I graduated from university, as opposed to visiting, I went to paintings at Houston’s (now Hillstone) because I desired the waiter to revel in. Their first-class is incredible. It’s the same whenever. That’s what I need humans to have right here, too.

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