The high-quality pizza in Naples is now in California

by Patricia R. Davis

Following is a transcript of the video.

Caroline: LA isn’t always well-known for its pizza. However, it is about to be.

Sydney: This is so accurate.
Caroline: This is so true.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. L’Antica? L’Antica?

Sydney: L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele.

Caroline: Sydney, we are in Hollywood today! And there’s an automobile. So.

Sydney: We’re inside the coronary heart of Hollywood…

Caroline: Because the best pizzeria, one of the most pleasant in the world, commences right here in Los Angeles. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele! Sydney: You did it. You did it. I’ve found multiple spots that I like in LA for pizza. But as a long way as Neapolitan style, I don’t know. I suggest there are true spots, but I’m excited to attempt something, like the source, from the motherland. Caroline: Michele Condurro opened L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Naples in 1870. The Condurro Family handiest provided pizza options on the menu: Margherita and marinara. After five generations, this legendary Naples group has stored its menu equally. It’s claimed to be one of the first rates in Naples and featured in “Eat Pray Love,” starring Julia Roberts.


I’m in love. I have a courting with my pizza.

Michele: They used to keep the pizza unique, so the pizza they made a hundred and fifty years ago. They stretch the pizza and cook dinner, and the pizza is the same. So you need to be very, very, very careful of the manner so that you need to touch the dough in a certain manner. You have to circulate the dough in a certain way. I went there, and I labored there in Naples. And I said, “OK, I know how to make pizza. It’s no longer a big mystery.” After a few minutes, I learned, “Oh, something is inaccurate right here. What’s, what’s occurring?” It’s extraordinary, you know, and after that, I begin step by step to discover ways to make the pizza in their manner.

We are uploading all of the elements from Italy. So mozzarella came from Italy, and it’s miles the same that they use in Naples. Even the tomatoes came from Italy from Naples. The same logo, the whole thing is identical: the flour, the entirety. Francesco: Any pizza that Michele makes and all our other pizzaiolo in our different places have a template on how those pizzas are coming. It’s no longer a bit of apple you find in a grocery store, all vivid and exquisite. Maybe you get a squared one. Perhaps you purchased an elongated one. It’s just how the pizza wants to pop out with how he stretches it. Caroline: If I may want to describe the odor, the odor could be translated via the digital camera.

Sydney: That’s why you must take a photo for Instagram, Caroline. OK.

Like, what are you doing? Have I taught you not anything?

Caroline: You can send it to me.

Sydney: There’s greater sauce than I thought there would be. There’s greater cheese than I notion there could be.

Caroline: It’s a lot oilier than I thought it would be. Did I say that properly, “oilier”?

Sydney: Are you a basil-slice man or woman or no basil?
Caroline: Yeah, I love basil. I love the entirety of this.

Sydney: I’ve seen online which you devour Neapolitan-fashion pizza like this ‘reason it’s like kinda moist so that you want to, like, turn that, you need to turn it internal like that, and you may kinda do that New York-style thing. Yeah.
Caroline: Oh. Sydney: It helps it live together so you can, without a doubt, use one hand. OK.
We do not curse on this display. However, I don’t know what else to say other than holy s— that is so right.

Caroline: This is so accurate.

Sydney: What I love the most is the char you get from the wood-burning oven. Like the bottom of that crust you taste, you flavor all the pizzas that have come before it. Do you realize? This pizza is sensitive. It’s mild. It is certainly one of the highest-quality I suppose I’ve ever had.

Caroline: Mhm.

Sydney: You ate that in like 30 seconds.
Caroline: Yeah.
Sydney: I mean, it’s well worth doing.

Caroline: I don’t know how they found a way to work with LA’s, I guess, environment, but this dough may be very ethereal, and it is quite similar to, you don’t must chew as a good deal. It would be best if you did not put as much effort into devouring this thing. Sydney: Well, because they use just a tiny bit of yeast and allow the dough to sit down in a single day. I assume that, like, the loss of managing its miles makes it so delicate, mild, airy, and delicious. I suppose, like, when you overwork something, the dough will become difficult. When the alternatives are up, it’s like a touch baby seal. It’s like a bit of a floppy toddler seal. You, like, “bloop,” and it is all “bloop.”

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