Chips a thriving spot for greater than 5 many years

by Patricia R. Davis

Any restaurant thriving after beginning in 1965 ought to have something going for it; when I was given an observation declaring that Thousand Oaks Fish & Chips met that criterion, it undoubtedly caught my attention. Founder Ed Gariano became the person who mounted the eating place and created the famous menu. His paintings within the region won him the Thousand Oaks Elks Lodge’s Citizen of the Year award in 2012.

So a friend and I set out to see how the fish-and-chips spot was doing nowadays. We found it in a large Thousand Oaks buying center among a row of different eating places with many shops surrounding them, with its deal with 825-H East Thousand Oaks Blvd., almost the same as the close-via eateries. They all seemed attractive, but we had been there for Fish & Chips, so we headed in that door. There, we were greeted by a blackboard menu and, fortuitously, a paper one, which protected some extra alternatives than the board.

Chips a thriving spot for greater than 5 many years 3

We additionally observed a vibrant younger female taking orders at the counter with performance and beauty. Customers line up there to area their orders, then return to a table, internal or out, to anticipate the shipping. It looks like a properly-oiled operation.

The Menu

Although we loitered over the menu for some time, our alternatives arrived directly after we added them at the counter. We ordered two small cups of clam chowder ($three.50 each), then predominant dishes of scallops & chips ($12. Ninety-five), and popcorn shrimp & chips ($7.95), each of which got here with small cups of the eating place’s homemade coleslaw. We delivered a filled shrimp ($2.95), curious to test its composition. The meals were brought promptly, as were our requests for more napkins and probably small bins if we decided to take some of the lunch domestically for later.

The creamy chowder arrived scorching hot and with a perfect sprinkling of bits of clams, many of the substances. Small baggage of round “crackers” came with each. Our most important dishes focused on seafood besides fish, though now not because there weren’t sufficient different options, consisting of grilled salmon, tilapia, and the familiar whitefish famous with fish and chips. Also renowned are oysters, clams, calamari, and distinctiveness gadgets like a Shrimp Louie Salad with homemade dressing or a shrimp cocktail.

The gently breaded scallops had been pleasantly balanced by way of the chips. However, I determined that the crisp and crunchy popcorn shrimp was a piece beaten by the coating, which ruled the taste. But folks who order popcorn shrimp could accomplish that for the overall impact more than to enjoy the taste of the petite shrimp themselves. Among famous side dishes are the fried zucchini or onion rings, Hush Puppies, chicken nuggets, and corn canine for the fish-resistant. There’s a wide kind of beverage from which to choose, from gentle drinks, iced tea, coffee, and milk to a selection of beers and wine.

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