Restaurant Reviews from International Students

by Patricia R. Davis

We have a special addition to our On the Menu segment this week. A group of worldwide students from Professor Briana Westmacott’s Linguistics 12 direction has shared their neighborhood eating place reviews. Linguistics 12 is a writing direction for multilingual students. These global college students have highlighted their favorite eating places, from Isla Vista to downtown Santa Barbara. We wish the evaluations ship you to new ingesting spots and give you awesome tips on what to reserve.

Restaurant Reviews from International Students 3

Blackbird via Alex Su

Over the past 12 months of reading at UCSB, I’ve visited many well-known restaurants in Santa Barbara. While some rapid and reasonably-priced restaurants in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara also has many steeply-priced and luxurious restaurants offering top-rated reviews. My favorite is Blackbird, positioned right across the road from the pier in downtown Santa Barbara. Blackbird is an eating place within the Hotel Californian, a highly-priced vicinity to stay. With that luxury, its eating places are, of direction, a bit steeply priced. However, I’d say that Blackbird offers satisfactory food and service, even amongst others at a better price stage in Santa Barbara.

The layout of the eating place is fashionable and provides a pricey feel. When you walk in, a host will greet you at the front door, take you to your seat, and leave you with emblem-new menus. Blackbird has seasonal plates that fluctuate a bit every day. I’ve had exceptional meals, including grilled red meat chop. The duck breast comes in a huge white bowl, and the pinkish duck is soaked in an excellent amount of uncommon sauce that fills the middle of the bowl. It became the fine issue I’ve ever had. The grilled red meat chop additionally hit me like a bomb. I am not a large fan of pork chops, but I only ordered it because I did not want cinnamon chicken — I wouldn’t say I like cinnamon. The porkchop surprised me; I by no means thought that red meat might taste better than fowl or red meat.

I’ve also attempted grilled salmon, wagyu pork, octopus, lamb, and many delicious dishes at Blackbird; they all amazed me. Like many other eating places, it has steak. This is well-prepared and tastes delicious but it isn’t as mind-blowing as the alternative dishes. If I were to present one tip for consuming at Blackbird, it would be to try something you’ve never had before; this restaurant will genuinely amaze you.

Lao Ma Tou Hot Pot employing Yitong Zhou

I am no longer picky about the food I eat. My mother and father understand this thoroughly. Thus, they haven’t been involved in approximately the meals I am ingesting in America. They believed I would grow to be aware of the meals right here speedy, and I did. Many of my buddies no longer like to eat the meals in our eating commons, and they even grew bored with the eating places in Santa Barbara. However, I have found a good spot that I love. After arriving at UCSB, I attempted almost every restaurant near the college. I have also tried a few restaurants within the marketplace and downtown. The one I like the most is Lao Ma Tou, located downtown.

Lao Ma Tou is a well-known restaurant for its warm pot, which is considered one of my preferred foods in China. One of the motives I like is that it could give me a home feeling. Usually, while my family and I have a hot pot, we sit around a table with the pool inside the center. This restaurant has the same format. Therefore, it’s miles very homey and gives me a warm feeling. Also, the hot pot is like what we’ve in conventional Chinese eating places. Thus, the taste is superb.
Moreover, it has a proper carrier. All the waiters and waitresses are very type and devoted to serving each purchaser. As a result, because of the superb taste and service and the familiar feeling of home, Lao Ma Tou is a satisfactory restaurant in Santa Barbara.

Boba Anyone? By way of Tiffany Lagarde

People who recognize me nicely know that I love all varieties of meals. I carry snacks that I devour between my lessons or during my education periods. I am obsessed with cooking; I often seek the net for new recipes or snack thoughts. Since I consume daily in my dorm cafeteria, I rarely leave to devour. I do not see the factor of ingesting some other place because I love the sort of picks the dorm offers buffet-style. When I first arrived at UCSB, my buddies added me to bubble .tea

I had never tasted it earlier, and although I found the bubbles at the lowest of the drink rather ordinary, I attempted itt. From the primary sip, I knew it might become my new favorite drink. Since that day, I usually order a slushy one with the bubbles on the lowest. I range the flavors: honeydew, passionfruit, mango, strawberry, lychee, or peach.

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