Couple creates DIY wedding cake from Costco sheet cakes

by Patricia R. Davis

A female in Texas goes viral after sharing the story at the back of her brother’s eye-popping, four-tiered wedding cake — which, despite its extravagant look, become cobbled collectively from two Costco sheet cakes and some Trader Joe’s flowers for beneath $50. Jessica Hoyle-King, of San Antonio, tells Fox News that her brother and his new bride hoped to keep as much cash as possible for their honeymoon in Rome.

Couple creates DIY wedding cake from Costco sheet cakes 3

Fearing they might move over finances, the 2 introduced Hoyle-King as a wedding consultant. With the help of her mom, Hoyle-King took care of the decorations and centerpieces, sourcing some of the materials from around her home and borrowing Mason jars from her parents (who hold bees and make their honey). The relaxation of the own family chipped in where they may, too. But while the bride and groom announced their intentions to bake and freeze cupcakes beforehand of the wedding, Hoyle-King stepped in and offered any other concept: Head to Costco rather.

On Hoyle-King’s advice, her brother and his bride-to-be picked up sheet cakes at Costco (for $18 every) on the manner to the couple’s rehearsal dinner. And later, with the assistance of the bride’s brother-in-law (a chef from England), they sliced up and rearranged the desserts, re-frosted them, and slapped approximately $10 well worth of Trader Joe’s plant life on the pinnacle and down the aspect. Hoyle-King later brought a few materials from Hobby Lobby to create a cake stand and install the table before the marriage, which took place at the Shady Springs celebration barn in Austin, Texas.

It turned into a massive hit with visitors, too, says Hoyle-King.

Everyone notion it becomes first-rate!” she tells Fox News.

Sandcastle Cakes – Sandcastles on wedding desserts are usually used as a topper. But, we’ve got visible entire desserts formed like castles, or as a minimum, the pinnacle half of the cake fashioned like a castle, with a few conventional wedding cake levels beneath it. The cake may be sprinkled with high-quality graham cracker crumbs or brown sugar to get the sandy effect. Palms and Coconut Cakes – To remind you of your stunning place, how approximately a subtle layout of palm leaves circling the outdoor cake? A few coconuts as a garnish? A cake topper oasis? How roughly a cracked open half of coconut as a cake topper, with bride and groom collectible figurines lounging in it, as though it had been a hammock?

Buried Treasure Cake – You shouldn’t be in the Caribbean to pull this off. The topper could be a treasure chest with gold cash and jewels pouring out of it, cascading down the facet of the cake. If you love Pirates, figurine cake toppers of a bride and groom…One as Captain Jack Sparrow an honest maiden in her wedding dress, of direction. Bamboo and Tiki Cake – Coat the out-of-door layers of the cake with confections made to look like bamboo. You can also include a Tiki mask. We attended a luau wedding ceremony, and the cake had miniature tiki torches protruding from the pinnacle and around the cake on the table. When the bride and groom cut the cake, tribal drums had been gambling in history.

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