DIY Popcorn Seasoning Will Make You Forget Your Butter Popcorns

by Patricia R. Davis

Whether you are web hosting a film night at home or just planning to laze across the house while gorging on some delectable snacks, one pride that will fit all your moods is popcorn! Popcorns are cherished by kids and adults alike. You preserve a bathtub of popcorn in front of each person, and you’ll see all of it vanished in only a span of short time (or seconds possibly); such is the attraction of this handy snack! While most folks splurge on popcorns at movie theatres, a more healthy and tastier alternative is to prepare them at home.

DIY Popcorn Seasoning Will Make You Forget Your Butter Popcorns 3

Whether you are website hosting a movie night time at home or just making plans to laze around the house even as gorging on a few delectable snacks, one satisfaction to match all of your moods is popcorn! Popcorns are loved using children and adults alike. You hold a bath of popcorn in front of anyone, and you will see it all vanished in just a span of short time (or seconds perhaps); such is the attraction of this handy snack! While maximum people splurge on popcorns in the film theatres, a more fit and tastier alternative is to prepare them at home.

When it comes to popcorns, one of the most famous and cherished ranges amongst its numerous avatars is the only seasoned with herbs, spices, and plenty and plenty of butter. Butter popcorns surely stand out to be fine amongst their different counterparts. But what if we are saying there’s delectable popcorn seasoning available that tastes even better than butter popcorns? Don’t trust us? It’s higher you attempt it for yourself! You can put together this popcorn seasoning effortlessly at domestic with no trouble. Just get some hacks proper, and you will love how the seasoning flavors blend with the crispy popcorns.

Ingredients Required For Seasoning:

  • Half cup – Parmesan cheese
  • 2 tbsp – lemon juice
  • 3 tsp – floor cayenne pepper
  • 2 tsp – oregano
  • Half tsp – black pepper powder


First, take a small bowl and upload in-floor cayenne pepper, oregano, and black pepper powder in it. Mix those ingredients and make sure there aren’t any lumps. Now, sprinkle this seasoning on top of popcorns. Add in grated parmesan cheese, after which drizzle over the lemon juice. 3 Hacks To Get The Perfect Crunch And Flavour In PopcornsCooking for your children could be essential. You understand what meals you could give them, and you ensure that they’re ingesting exact food or no longer. Promoting fitness is a completely essential part of motherhood.

This online manual to cooking for children has the subsequent benefits:

1. You have the risk of allowing your kids to flavor the best meals and introduce the result and veggies you have within the kitchen. This is a risk to explain why they need to devour fruits and veggies and the way it tastes. In this manner, you help your kids to understand precise and wholesome meals.

2. If you’ve got your child in the kitchen, you are not simply coaching them to put together food; however, you’re coaching them how that will help you with the chores that make your son or daughter more accountable, mainly in consuming healthful meals.

3. You can plan your recipe for the whole day. Children may be choosy in eating food, but it’s miles the danger that you can be bonding time with your children and plan your next healthful meal. Allowing them to devise your meals for the following meal is giving them the possibility to decide in deciding on true food for your circle of relatives, and it’s going to make them devour extra the meals they have planned and prepare from peeling vegetables, getting ready meals until it’s cooked.

4. Cooking meals with children are also having fun with them. Cooking food by making specific shapes in cookies and pancakes faucets on their creativity. It gives precise bonding moments for dad and mom and children.

– Once you are executed making ready the seasoning, add it over popcorns only whilst they may be piping hot. This is because warm popcorns take in the spices better, and the flavor blends in pretty properly.

– When you’re adding in cheese, ensuring the slices are grated nicely, and no lumps stay. Lumps could simplest get stuck at the bottom of the box and might not mix nicely with the popcorns.

– Since lemon juice is a non-dry topping, make certain you add it in periods after giving in a nice stir each time.

So, without additional ado, ace the artwork of making ideal popcorns at home and revel in with family and pals. Happy Cooking!

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