Chinese agriculture minister to head UN meals enterprise

by Hungryginie

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has elected Qu Dongyu — China’s vice-minister of agriculture and rural affairs — as its subsequent director-trendy.

Qu could be the first head of the organization from China and could be successful Brazil’s José Graziano da Silva. His 4-12 months term will start on 1 August.

The FAO wields sizable effect on almost every aspect of meals and agriculture, such as worldwide and local rules, and allows to shape agendas for agricultural studies. With round eleven,500 employees, it is the UN’s biggest technical company and has a US$2.6-billion price range for 2018–19.

Qu has stated that his priorities will consist of improving agriculture in tropical countries — in which poverty and hunger are rampant — and assisting arid countries to address agricultural demanding situations brought via water shortages.
Trained biologist

Qu, the son of a rice farmer, holds a Ph.D. in agricultural and environmental sciences from Wageningen Agricultural University inside the Netherlands. He was a policy researcher in agriculture and rural improvement at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and have become China’s vice-minister of agriculture and rural affairs in 2015.

He turned into elected on 23 June for the duration of a biennial assembly of the FAO Conference, the company’s highest governing body, and gained 108 of the 191 votes in a mystery ballot that gave every of the FAO’s 194 member states one vote. European Union candidate Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle drew seventy-one votes, and Georgia’s Davit Kirvalidze, who was backed via America, acquired 12.

Qu mentioned a number of his priorities for the business enterprise at an FAO assembly in April. He called for modifications in the manufacturing and intake of agricultural goods global to limit their environmental impact. Information technology and e-trade for farmers provide opportunities to spur development in impoverished rural regions, he introduced.

The minister additionally stated that the FAO, that is based totally in Rome, need to beef up its center function of accumulating and disseminating international understanding, and helping its contributors with recommendation on policy, technology, and records. The enterprise also desires more partnerships with the personal zone and out of doors our bodies together with non-governmental corporations, Qu delivered.

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