(China Daily/ANN) — Chinese police exposed four,500 crimes associated with food safety and captured 8,500 suspects between January and May, the Ministry of Public Security introduced on Thursday.

During that length, police destroyed 3,800 illegal factories and workshops manufacturing substandard, expired and counterfeit food and tablets, the ministry stated.

“Food safety is a prime difficulty of difficulty for human beings and may affect the physical fitness and safety of one. Three billion human beings across the united states,” said Lyu Wuqin, director of the meals and drug crime investigation bureau of the ministry.

“We will seriously punish the suspects concerned with meals and drug-associated crimes,” he said.

According to the ministry, police used large statistics to investigate and compare instances and collected valuable clues inside the past five months.

In addition, they worked carefully with other departments to analyze food processing plant life, restaurants, and snack shops to discover evidence and then capture suspects.

In May, police in Chongqing municipality smashed a primary crook ring that produced fake meals well worth 20 million yuan ($2.Nine million), stated Zhou Wei, a police officer from Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Police arrested forty suspects and destroyed 10 workshops. They additionally confiscated 30,000 containers of counterfeit healthcare merchandise and different criminal files, he said.

Through the research, police found the suspects used faux identities to assert they were the heirs of a famous doctor of Chinese traditional medicinal drug. They also posted snapshots of fake medical licenses, clinics, and equipment.

The suspects set up many workshops inside the workplace constructing in Chongqing and carried out smartphone consultations for sufferers, and that they profited from selling their fake healthcare products.

As a part of efforts to fight such crimes, the food and drug crime research bureau changed into mounted in the Ministry of Public Security in May.

Recently, the government stipulated “more extreme consequences for such crimes if the instances are critical, which include affecting massive numbers of victims or ensuing in human beings’ deaths.”

A key part of the new bureau’s paintings is attacking such crimes and compiling proof for prosecutions involving fake meals and drug products, consistent with the ministry.

“We will get rid of ability food protection risks through accomplishing powerful campaigns to boom humans’ experience of profits, happiness, and security,” Lyu said.

Is Chinese food dangerous, nicely the solution is easy, NO CHINESE FOOD ISN’T UNHEALTHY. It is a delusion to mention that Chinese food is dangerous, just because individuals who do not know a way to cook, put together the dishes in a bad manner does no longer mean that Chinese dishes are bad. Think approximately this for a second. If Chinese meals turned into bad then why are most Chinese people slim? They are narrow due to their diets, not anything more and not anything much less. Just like everybody else, whilst Chinese people devour an excessive amount of dangerous food we too benefit weight and get fat.

However, no longer all Chinese meals served at your neighborhood Chinese takeaway may be described as an everyday Chinese meal. The elements are the identical however greater salt and MSG, oil is now and again added in an try to decorate the flavors takes away its authenticity and rather presentations in its region a far of higher calorie, higher fats and high in salt meals and this isn’t what Chinese meals are all approximately.

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