How to Make Gajar Halwa in 5 Easy Steps

by Patricia R. Davis

How to Make Gajar Halwa is a popular recipe, and the simplest way to make this dessert is to cook Gajar for 2 hours. For the first time, I am giving step by step process to make the recipe and sharing how to make it easily at home. You want to make Gajar halwa but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry. We have you covered. This guide will walk you through each step of making gajar halwa, from grinding the jaggery to cooking the sweetened milk.

Gajar halwa is a traditional Indian dessert that is easy to make and perfect for beginners. The great Indian dessert Gajar Halwa is made with milk, sugar, saffron, and rose water. While there are many different versions of gajar halwa, here we will focus on the recipe for homemade gajar halwa using the ingredients listed below.

Gajar Halwa

It is considered a traditional recipe that is very popular in India. It is often served at birthdays, weddings, and other events. This sweet dish is a perfect gift for friends and family on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Diwali occasions.

What is gajar halwa?

Gajar halwa is a traditional Indian dessert that is easy to make and perfect for beginners. In this recipe, we’ll walk you through each step of making gajar halwa, from grinding the jaggery to cooking the sweetened milk. The first time I ever tasted gajar halwa was in my childhood. A friend’s grandmother created it, and she made it with only 1/4 cup of jaggery. I remember thinking how delicious it was. Since then, I have been hooked on it. I always make it during the festive season because it tastes fantastic. If you are looking for a quick dessert recipe that is easy to make, then this is it! What is Gajar Halwa?

Gajar Halwa Ingredients

Gajar Halwa is a classic Indian dessert that is very popular. It is often eaten as a breakfast item with curd, but it can also be enjoyed as a dessert. It is made by combining shredded dried coconut, sugar, and milk. The recipe is simple, and you can make this delicious dessert at home in five easy steps.

Step 1: Grind the coconut

Step 2: Boil the milk

Step 3: Add the jaggery

Step 4: Cook the mixture

Step 5: Serve

Gajar Halwa Nutrition Facts

As mentioned, gajar halwa is made from jaggery, curd, and milk. Here is a nutrition breakdown of the main ingredients in this Indian dessert:

• Jaggery: A sweetener made from the sap of the sugar cane plant. It contains approximately 50% more calories than granulated sugar, making it much healthier.

• Milk: The main ingredient in gajar halwa. Milk is full of calcium, protein, and vitamins. It can also be used as a substitute for cream in baking.

• Curd: The thick, creamy layer of the curd. It is made by churning yogurt and adding spices.

• Bread: Bread can be replaced with ground nuts and almonds for a nuttier taste.

Gajar Halwa Health Benefits

Gajar halwa has many health benefits, making it a great dessert for fitness enthusiasts. It is an excellent potassium, protein, calcium, magnesium, and iron source. In addition to being rich in nutrients, gajar halwa is also low in calories. So, even if you try to lose weight, you can still enjoy this sweet treat. Healthy eating habits are essential for everyone, especially when maintaining a healthy weight. However, most people don’t have the time to prepare a nutritious meal daily.

Gajar Halwa Cooking Time

Gajar halwa is a traditional Indian dessert that is easy to make and perfect for beginners. You can find gajar halwa at most Indian stores. They usually come with a sugar packet and an extra-large bottle of sweetened milk. The process is quite simple. You’ll grind the jaggery (raw, unrefined sugarcane). Then, you’ll mix the sugar and milk in a bowl. Lastly, you’ll cook the mixture. While waiting for the mixture to cool, you can prepare your ingredients. To make gajar halwa, you’ll need lots of ghee, jaggery, and powdered milk.

Gajar Halwa Decoration

Gajar halwa is traditionally decorated with a simple, delicious sugar syrup made by simmering sugar with water until the sugar dissolves. You can get creative with this syrup and add other ingredients such as cardamom, saffron, rose petals, or coconut. Once the syrup is ready, ensure the gajar halwa is smooth and silky. You can achieve this by beating the ghee and sugar with a whisk.

Frequently asked questions about Gajar Halwa.

Q: What are some tips for making Gajar Halwa?

A: Gajar Halwa has to be cooked on the stovetop. Use a heavy bottom pan or pot, and make sure it is big enough so you don’t spill over.

Q: How long does it take to cook Gajar Halwa?

A: It will take about 20 to 30 minutes to cook.

Q: Can you add different flavors to Gajar Halwa?

A: Sure, you can add sugar to sweeten it up or vanilla to make it more creamy. You can also use almond extract or lemon juice to flavor it.

Q: What is the most common thing in Gajar Halwa?

A: The most common ingredient is nuts. It’s often made with pistachios.

Q: Do you have any other favorite flavors of Gajar Halwa?

A: My personal favorite is with almonds and cardamom.

Q: If you were going to make Gajar Halwa for someone, what would you choose?

A: I would want to make Gajar Halwa for my family.

Myths about Gajar Halwa

1. Gajar halwa is made with milk and cream.

2. It is made with milk that has been boiled till it curdles.

3. It should be eaten during the rainy season.

4. It is a seasonal dessert.

5. It should be eaten after fasting.

6. It is made from fresh cream and milk.

7. It is made from ghee or butter.


I didn’t know much about local cooking when I first moved to India. My mom told me to cook what she made every day, and that was that. That was until I went to her house, and she served me a delicious dessert called gajar halwa. I was shocked. It tasted so good that I wanted to try making it myself. Now, after learning more about Indian food, I’m glad I did. I’d love to share my version with you.

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