Last week The Myanmar Times culinary team reviewed E’Cucina’s increased Italian delicacies. From the theatrical and volcanic Florence Dome down to the wine, it become a expensive and exquisite enjoy which whetted our appetite for extra Italian gastronomy. As it could, Yangon now offers a strong selection of Mediterranean eateries, a lot of which Zuzakar has had the privilege of sampling to your behalf.

As the day proved sunny, closer to a summer solstice in Tuscany than a Monsoon season in Yangon, my companion-in-lunchtime and I opted for a rooftop. We thus headed to Fratello Rooftop Dining, past due in step with our schedule however right on time for an Italian lunch. We had been greeted by worrying group of workers, eager to help us in all regards as the rest of the room was empty. With the region to ourselves, we took inside the quiet surroundings – a subtle blend of Mediterranean and Southeast Asian-fashion terrace. Indeed, the unique yellow ochre of the inside reminded us of each of Vietnam’s Hoi-An and Siena’s sunflower fields. On the wall, well lit via the bay home windows, fragments of the European weather were captured tiny frames, flora placing from wrought iron and a sax tenor regally suspended above the bar.

We had been sooner or later introduced back to Yangon from our forced comparison as we ventured to the outdoor terrace, marveling at the tropical quarters of the Yangon University. Overlooking Kamayut Township’s lush cover – handiest to be interrupted by the brutal Judson Church’s tower and, of the path, again-dropped via Shwe Dagon Pagoda – Fratello offers a really perfect sunlight hours hangout rooftop. That being said, we opted to enjoy our meal inner, in the consolation of air-conditioning and a roof should it rain.

Finally sitting down, we proceeded to browse thru the menu. My guest and I agreed to order strictly Italian though one can also opt for Spanish or extra local cuisine. First to arrive changed into the Arugula salad and beets. We had selected this starter hoping for some clean vegetables – a treat difficult to discover inside the metropolis. The salad proved to be a lot greater. My co-reviewer, whose dubious culinary credentials rest on a number of her family coming from Italy’s south vicinity of Puglia, become inspired by the colorful presentation harking back to the Italian flag. Much much less patriotic, I become swayed with the aid of the steady balance of the dish: among the contrasting bitterness of the rocket salad and the wonder of the goat cheese, the porous texture of the beets and mushrooms and the crunchiness of the peanut brittle. Taken aside, the numerous ingredients have been flavorsome but simplest accrued in a spoonful did they truly pleasure the pallet.

Next to arrive turned into the truffle gnocchi and the Mediterranean Sea bass. If you’re into a truffle, you’re in success due to the fact the gnocchi does now not disappoint. The musky, smelly and earthy flavor of the fungus moves out of the cream, dosed in as tons oil as your common Burmese curry. With its potato-based totally gnocchi, this dish is at the heavier cease of the spectrum, precisely as predicted. On the opposite hand, the ocean bass is an ode to Mediterranean seafood, counterpoising the sweet extra of the gnocchi. Served with fresh artichoke and a spread of vegetable, the fish proved perfectly cooked and pro. According to my Italian guest, one would discover similar aromas in an everyday lunch in Italy’s south but Fratello accelerated the conventional delicacies to a fancier notice.

At this point, we have been already complete and geared up to nap. But wouldn’t it be a whole assessment without dessert? Just for you, dear reader, we pushed ourselves to order a Panna Cotta, a quality cream flan with seasonal fruits and raspberry coulis, in addition to a Tiramisu. The Panna Cotta, a treat local of Italy’s Piedmont area, changed into the light without being overly candy. The Tiramisu endowed my co-reviewer with the power of the espresso, waking her up from the throws of food-dozing. Finally, for a suitable degree, we shared a shot of self-made Limoncello, a lemon-primarily based liquor, to get again on our toes and into sunny Yangon.

In conclusion, nested within the top of Kamayut Township, Fratello Rooftop Dinning gives a surprising view of the town matched by high-quality food served in a putting this is each elegant and secure. Fratello doesn’t come cheap however is clearly affordable for how succulent the meals are. Bonus factor: The cocktails, named after something linked to the Italian imaginary together with “God Father”, or “Erotic Lover”, are notable – ideal for the sunset!

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