These Smart-Gas-Grill Features Will Make BBQ-Ing A No-Brainer

by Patricia R. Davis

Grilling outdoors is greater than a cooking technique—it’s a revel in. You can cling out and sip your drink of choice while playing the pleasant climate and cooking your certain-to-be-epic meal. But, for all of its perks, grilling out may be a little risky. It’s easy to lose time and overcook your meals, mainly inedible hockey-% burgers. It can also be surprisingly frustrating to go to the grill, handiest to realize you’re out of fuel.


Well, Weber’s got a solution. It’s referred to as the Genesis EX-335 Smart Grill, and it’s loaded with equipment, along with Weber Connect Technology, to make your grilling experience seamless. Before you invest in any other grill, discover those features you likely didn’t even realize were an issue.

Wi-Fi connectivity hyperlinks your phone to your grill

While you can grasp the complete time you cook by way of your grill, you likely have other stuff to do, like blending liquids or mingling with guests. Wi-Fi connectivity directly hyperlinks your grill in your phone so you can screen what’s happening at the grates, even if you’re elsewhere.

A food temperature readout lets you get perfect effects

Do a pal that doesn’t do something above medium-rare? There’s no need to wager what temp you’re at. Just insert a small temperature probe that syncs up with your grill and app. I’ll keep you posted on where matters are in the process.

There’s a countdown to while your food is prepared

You don’t need to grow to be in a situation where you abruptly understand your perfectly proper salmon required to come off 5 minutes ago. You no longer need to watch the clock way to this grill. Test your app to realize precisely how much cooked dinner time you have left.

Countdown alert on the phone for grilled salmon

Looking for suggestions? Peep our ridiculously pleasing recipes—for any griller.
And a food doneness alert to ping you while it’s gone time

Seconds count in grilling and might mean the difference between having food cooked simply properly, barely overdone, or worse. So, let your grill clue you in—whether you’re right subsequent in your grill or placing out elsewhere—while it’s time to drag off your food.

Real-time meal tracking reviews on what’s occurring underneath the lid

Repeatedly lifting your grill lid can mess with the inner temperature—and that could intrude along with your cooking. Instead, leave the top closed, with self-assurance, and screen what’s occurring on the inner right of the app.
A gas degree readout tells you it’s time to replace your tank

Do you need to change your tank earlier than your subsequent grill marathon, or are you accurate? A gasoline stage readout facilitates you to understand precisely how much gas you have left, so you’re not caught making a remaining-minute experience to the hardware keep when visitors are on their way.
You can prepare dinner sauces even as you grill.

You no longer need to blaze a path between your grill and kitchen. A facet burner helps you to whip up a demi-glace proper from your grill. Worth noting: You can technically make anything in a pot of pasta and couscous, letting you prepare your entire meal on the grill.
A specialized sear quarter receives you photograph-worth outcomes

No meal screams “Instagram me!” greater than a huge old steak with symmetrical grill marks. A unique sear area helps you to get severe, excessive heat on the cooking grate to supply that perfectly done look.

Built-in lighting lights up the grill when it’s dark out

No greater fumbling for the flashlight in your telephone to peer at the grill dial at night time. Backlit control knobs and an LED deal with light that illuminates the entire cooking vicinity make it smooth to see what you’re doing after dark.

Cooking and cocktailing are the most pleasing while you’re cool, calm, and linked (you get us?!). So, as you plan for your subsequent outdoor BBQ, consider including one Genesis EX-335 Smart Grill on your buying listing. It’s the must-have menu object of the season.

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