Why Mashti Malone’s has the great ice cream in LA

by Patricia R. Davis

The following is a transcript of the video.

– This is genuinely my go-to location for ice cream because the flavors are so precise and special, and due to the fact all people right here are excellent. Like, it’s so fun to be around here.

– I passed a high school down the street and turned to seek out ice cream, and it became simply here. It turned into the nearest place. Little did I know it changed into the nicest ice cream I’d ever have for the rest of my life.


I couldn’t live without it. So yeah, it’s top. Like, out of 10, I’d say it’s giving me a 12 right now.

Caroline: Meet Mashti and Mehdi Shirvani. The personal Mashti Malone’s Ice Cream in Hollywood. They’re credited for introducing Persian ice cream to LA. In a previous video, I topped the pleasant ice cream in LA. And considering that then, I could not wait to move back for extra. We’re again at Mashti Malone’s. Hello.

– Hello.

– How’ve you men been?

– Very top.

– Whipping up some ice cream. It’s all my favored flavors.

– I’m Mashti Shirvani, the older brother. I came right here before the revolution in Iran. And in 1980, I opened this business. I had little financial savings. I offered the enterprise from the owner. And I began making ice cream for nearby Iranians. Meanwhile, I changed to working within the eating place to guide myself. Little with the aid of little, I commenced. It changed into difficult at first. Especially, we don’t have taking walks site visitors here. So I had to preserve the customers when they had been coming. For every unmarried person, I changed to giving them samples. It’s how I built my enterprise. Caroline: What sets it aside is the flavors. Mehdi: We do not create, like, bizarre flavors. It’s primarily floral or fruit-based or natural-primarily based—things like that.

– We were given the rosewater with noodles.

– The first region I ever had Persian cucumber.

– And it is exact. It’s wonderful.

– Here, you get many of these exquisite flavors that you do not get in Italy, like saffron. This is like saffron and rosewater. This is orange blossom.

– I do not know what rosewater is commonly used for; however, I find it irresistible in ice cream. Mehdi: Saffron pistachio rosewater has been usually our bestseller. Rose became very uncommon and unknown to American delicacies. They’d never heard of rosewater. So, it took him and us a lot of sampling and lecturing about the components. So, individuals who were no longer familiar with the taste of the receive that rose could eat. It’s similar to vanilla. But the element is vanilla is more famous here. Rose is more popular in the other components of the arena.

Caroline: The creamery receives some elements overseas, including imported saffron from Iran.

– Right now, there may be a sanction; proper before sanction, we introduced sufficient for-

– A lot, yeah.

– a subsequent couple of years.

Mashti: Everything you spot right here, that’s what we positioned. As much as possible, I use natural ingredients. It’s pricey. However, I’m thrilled. Oh, it’s an exciting yellow shade. It smells so proper, yeah.

– We did not position any meal coloring, nothing.

– So the saffron gives it that yellow coloration.

Mashti: Yeah, yeah.

– Wow.

Caroline: When you go, order the Mashti Ice Cream Sandwich. Mashti’s well-known saffron-rosewater ice cream is sandwiched among wafers and rolled in pistachios. The texture… This gets an A+. It is just creamy and stretchy. It’s simple; it is so satisfying; wow. Mmmm. It’s truly excellent ‘motive you get little chunks of pistachios that have been blended into the ice cream, but also entire pistachios everywhere on the sides. Its forms give that quality stability from the creamy ice cream to the crunchy pistachio. It’s accurate. And you then get these, like, first-rate, chewy wafers.

– You can inform inside the flavor and feel the entirety of clean and vibrant,nt, flavors. And the thought that is going into everything I experience.

– If you visit another ice cream save, there’d possibly be chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, but at Mashti Malone’s, there are various forms of various things.

This is our first time, certainly.

– Our first time.

– We’re touring from Oregon, and I’ve been trying to return here for three years. It lives way past my expectations.

– I bet more than 80% of our customers are non-Persian. They come from every ethnicity and each group. They come right here. But this is like a destination for them. They make plans to come back and have ice cream. Caroline: I do not regret my selection for naming it the first-class in LA. It’s seriously so proper. Maybe it is even better the second time around.

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