$570,000 boost for Nova Scotia seafood

by Patricia R. Davis

Nova Scotia, Canada’s most essential seafood export province, spends over half a million bucks expanding its fishing and aquaculture companies. The two-year program will see the country invest $570,000 over the next years. The fund, called the Seafood Accelerator Programme, was introduced by the province’s Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Keith Colwell. Nova Scotia says the program will help seafood businesses enhance present-day merchandise, create new ones, and examine new export markets. The minister stated in a press release: ‘Helping our producers carry their unique and revolutionary thoughts to life could make all the difference in developing increase and jobs in our rural groups.

$570,000 boost for Nova Scotia seafood 3

The program, says Globalnews.Ca, will be divided into three regions:

• A seafood market gets admission to a food protection program with the intention to difficulty $15,000 to help seafood corporations take the Global Food Safety Initiative certification, allowing them to gain access to new markets;
• A technical obstacles initiative to issue $ fifty-five,000 in step with year to assist corporations in producing samples, enhancing packaging, and enlarging shelf existence;
• A new product writer initiative if you want to issue $55,000 per year to help companies broaden new merchandise and prototypes.

Nova Scotia is Canada’s seafood export leader, liable for more than $2 billion or 29 percent of Canada’s total seafood exports. Two months ago, Cooke Aquaculture and Cermaq announced that they had been looking at plans for a chief enlargement of salmon farming inside the province. The Seafood Accelerator Programme might be controlled using Perennial, Nova Scotia’s development business enterprise for sustainability and competitiveness in the agriculture and seafood sectors.

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