New FAO boss turned into key China emissary on fisheries deals

by Patricia R. Davis

The new head of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has performed a crucial position in increasing China’s global seafood reach. It could now shape key international agriculture, aquaculture, and fisheries rules. China Vice Minister for Agriculture Qu Dongyu won the aid of most FAO realms, defeating France’s Catherine Geslain-Laneelle 107-seventy-one in an election at some stage during the forty-first consultation of the FAO Conference, which passed from 22 to 29 June. Qu will become the ninth director- well known of the Rome, Italy-based agency.

Qu will replace Brazilian Jose Graziano da Silva, who reportedly lobbied Latin American nations for Qu. Qu’s election clearly indicates China’s strength as a purchaser and investor in agriculture and fisheries commodities globally. According to French information reviews, China used its role as a key patron of Latin American things and soy, seafood, and meat to deliver votes for Qu.

The new FAO director has become familiar with most of the world’s agriculture and fisheries ministers for his many trips around the arena as a Chinese minister. As China’s vice minister for agriculture, Qu represented China in World Trade Organization talks on fishery subsidies (which have been held up in element over objections from India and China over the dimensions and timing of subsidy cuts using growing nations).

New FAO boss turned into key China emissary on fisheries deals 3

During a trip to Argentina for WTO talks, Qu stopped at vessels owned by Shanghai Fisheries Group, Dalian Hua Feng, and the fishing and seafood distribution conglomerate Da Yang Shi Jia (Ocean Family). In overdue 2018, Qu became in Ghana. He met fisheries minister Elizabeth Naa Afoley Quaye to discuss a memorandum of knowledge on fishery cooperation between the two international locations earlier than touring a neighborhood fishing port built with Chinese investment and Chinese vessels docked there. China has appreciably extended its contribution to the FAO budget in current years, now ranking as the 0.33-biggest payer behind the U.S. And Japan. It has also been an enormous contributor to capabilities applications for growing international locations in agriculture and aquaculture.

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