Exclusive: An inside examine Carmel’s Cake Bake Shop

by Patricia R. Davis

CARMEL, Ind. (WTHR) — A and a 1/2 yr hard work of affection is set to open its doors in Carmel.
The new Cake Bake keep opens on Monday, July 1, 2019.
This week, owner and creator, Gwendolyn Rogers, gave me a unique, first appearance internal on the lovely new shop.

From the custom-made chandeliers and marble flooring with gold inlaid lettering with the call of the ground welcoming you in, the complete area is dreamy.

And that’s fitting because each ultimate element is Rogers’ imaginative and prescient, deliberate and executed over the last two and 1/2 years.

“I’m extremely satisfied. I’m relieved,” she said. “I’ve were given lots of feelings: it’s happiness, it’s anxiety, it’s pleasure.”

And she has to be satisfied.

In just over five years, Rogers went from making cakes at domestic for friends and circle of relatives to going for walks a powerhouse logo diagnosed via Oprah. She picked Rogers’ Mint Chocolate Chip Cake as one in every of her “preferred things.”

“Never in one million years, did not expect it,” she stated. “And now not handiest has it been on Oprah, however now I’m going to have eleven on Williams-Sonoma beginning July eleven. So I sell them nationally. I sincerely offered a map that we positioned upstairs in our workplace, and it has approximately 1,000 pins in it, and its in which all of the cakes from Williams-Sonoma orders have gone. And it is simply insane, it is long gone national.”

The new vicinity, that’s at the top deck of the City Center in Carmel has the identical appeal as her Broad Ripple location with a little greater glitz and glamour and good deal extra space.

“We can seat 154 humans here within the entire restaurant, and we can seat 36 in Broad Ripple within the complete eating place. So, this is a lot higher,” she said.

Even even though she is not a trained chef, all but one of the recipes are hers.

“Well I became a mother, and I actually have 3 sons. I raised my children, and in among then I was cooking and baking and that become the type of my happy location.” Rogers stated. “And then after I moved here in my late 40s, … I just stayed domestic, and I cooked all of the time and every time my children had an event I brought food and those loved it, and that they were like I need to shop for that from you and so I could make it again. And then people might order, after which I started out catering for people’s events, and then I just figured you already know what, I ought to possibly get a bigger kitchen, and so it is kind of how it commenced.”

Rogers stated even though she’s had a number of success, she’s very thankful to her clients and for the enterprise.

“I never take it for granted. I nevertheless throw my heart and soul into it every day due to the fact I can not consider doing something else however I’m very pleased that humans adore it,” she said.

Before you even enter the store, you capture its attraction from the animated unicorn inside the front window to the porch swing she placed with the correct Instagram photograph in mind.

And she’s relying on traffic to revel in the patio with windows that open to the outdoor.

“This goes to be outstanding. The way that I designed the patio, all of the home windows open out of doors … Whilst you pay attention to the fountain and you are sitting out on the porch, you feel like you’re in Paris or you are in Vienna, you are someplace terrific,” she said.

So what could probably be subsequent for a live-at-domestic mother who grew to become a small Cake Bake Shop in Broad Ripple into a worldwide fulfillment?

“I don’t know! I simply need this to achieve success,” Rogers stated. “I simply wish people will come, and I hope people are happy, and I don’t want to permit absolutely everyone down. I hope everybody has a very good enjoy, and I assume it is simply kind of it. I just want to head make each day and each customer glad that comes right here. That’s the form of my plan for now.”

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