Viaero, TeamMates group up to serve ‘Dogs’

by Patricia R. Davis

Viaero Wireless and the TeamMates Mentoring Program are teaming to serve some brilliant meals even as helping a exceptional cause. Dogs Across America is a new project that the two agencies are taking part in. From 11 a.M. – 1 p.M. On Fridays and Saturdays this summer season, Viaero will serve a unique hot dog reflecting the diversity of American cuisine at each of its nearby shops, 410 E. Twenty-third St and 3317 21st St. People can region a $3 donation that assures them a warm canine, chips, and a drink. All proceeds from the occasion will benefit TeamMates’ scholarship projects for college students going to college after participating in the program.

Viaero, TeamMates group up to serve 'Dogs' 3

The idea was examined at a Viaero vicinity in Norfolk’s closing year but didn’t land in Columbus until this season. Both Viaero and TeamMates formerly worked on Columbus’s network tasks, just now not with this particular mission. They just reached out to me this spring,” said Tricia Faust, co-coordinator of Columbus’ TeamMates program. “(They) stated that this was something they are probably doing and could be deciding on TeamMates. As a recipient of the price range.

The hot puppies served characteristic an extensive type of flavors, from chili cheese dogs to pizza dogs. More traditional fare has been protected, and this week, a Kansas-themed hot canine might be served, complete with sauerkraut. With state baseball tournaments taking place this weekend, Viaero is looking ahead to an amazing turnout for human beings trying to get some American taste before heading out to the ball recreation.

This week, we’re seeking out a bigger outcome due to the fact we’ve got state baseball taking place,” said Amanda Delano, income manager at the 23rd Street Viaero place in Columbus. “We’re going to have several people. Both Delano and Faust said they’re happy with simply how well this system is doing in its first yr, with stable turnouts and proper word of mouth. Delano said that volunteers and different nearby corporations had been crucial in getting human beings out to the occasions.

It can variety from 10 people (coming out) to 60,” Delano stated. “It depends on the weekend and what’s happening.” Faust is endorsed that humans are coming out to help the TeamMates software and enjoying a hot canine alongside the manner. The reaction has been super,” Faust stated. “Funds are continually wanted for a nonprofit, (they’re) usually crucial to maintain your nonprofit alive. More importantly (for us) is the extra exposure that it’s given us. Every time Viaero promotes this occasion or has the grills out on Fridays and Saturdays, that is just getting us extra popularity, getting our call available (and) only a steady reminder that we need greater mentors.

The program is a natural off-shoot of Viaero’s network projects, which became one reason why Delano decided to paintings for Viaero. She cited that even as she had labored with other cellular phone companies throughout the beyond eight years, Viaero allowed her to work within her community. We continually want people to realize what we stand for,” Delano stated. “Being a nearby employer – that’s terrific – we actually need to get involved and placed our money in which we can inside our communities.

That’s something big that Viaero stands for. I absolutely loved transferring over to Viaero due to the huge network involvement and the events that we get involved in, whether or not it’s Columbus Days or the honest or helping out Sammy’s Superheroes. It’s just amusing. As Faust constantly stated, TeamMates is searching for extra mentors. There are 130 mentors in the application. However, Faust noted that as long as there is an infant in want of an adult, there is a need for a mentor. We could constantly use extra mentors,” Faust said. “Every child can gain from another caring person. Until every baby has a TeamMate, there’s constantly room for more volunteers.”

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